Welcome to our honey page, where I hope you will learn a little about the product that we are so proud of. Our honey bees gather all of the nectar that they turn into honey from the wild northern forests of the Yukon. We are far away from traditional farming, and human contamination, because of this our bees are one of the rare few that get to work in fields of flowers that are both untouched by pesticides, and are non-genetically modified. Our honey is also both Unpasteurized and Raw, we don’t heat it at all, which ensures that all of the natural Antibiotics, Pollen, and Royal Jelly are still intact within our honey. Making it a good choice for medicinal use, such us helping to heal wounds, helping to fight off infections, helping to reduce allergies, helping with sore throats, and many other health benefits. We currently produce two flavors of honey, Fireweed Honey, and Wildflower Honey.

Fireweed Honey:

Fireweed Honey is considered the Champaign of all honey. It is a rare honey known around the world for its medicinal qualities, and its light sweet taste. Our Fireweed Honey is an incredibly clear white, and takes a long time to crystalize, indicating that it is one of the purest you can find. It is produced by our bees out in the fireweed fields. Fireweed is not only the Yukon’s territorial flower, but it is the first thing to grow in a forest after a forest fire. It takes the desolate black forest, and puts life back into it with its brilliant hot pink color. There isn’t anything more beautiful than a field of Fireweed in a black, burned forest with swarms of honey bees brining it all back to life. The best part is that the beautiful, but burned forest can produce the nectar that the bees transform into one of the best honeys in the world. We really hope you get the opportunity to try some of this amazing honey.


Our 2018 Fireweed Honey Price List Goes As Follows:

  75g Jar $5

150g Jar $8 (Sold Out)

227g Jar $12

505g Jar $21

We have bulk prices if you purchase a case or more. Please enquire via email at beewhyld@gmail.com.         

Wildflower Honey.jpg

Wildflower Honey:

Wildflower Honey is a unique and flavorful honey. It is made up of different Wildflowers found around the Yukon, Wild Strawberry, Wild Rose, Blueberry, and Mountain Cranberry are just a few of the flowers that are included in it. It has a much stronger flavor than the fireweed, while still maintaining a sweet taste. If you like drinking warm water, or tea this honey is a fun way to add a little flavor to your water/tea, while boosting your immune system, and providing you with many other health benefits. This honey varies in color from very light to a darker golden color. 

We came upon our Wildflower Honey by accident while experimenting with different nectar sources for our bees. At BeeWhyld we are determined to make sure that the health of our bees comes first before all else. We aren’t just beekeepers, but we are people who truly love the Honey Bee, and want to look after this amazing creature the best we can. This is where our Wildflower Honey came in. It is very important for the Honey Bees to have variety in their diet. Each flower produces different nectar, which provides different nutrients to the bees. We couldn’t survive only eating the same food everyday… well it is unhealthy for the bees too. So once the short Fireweed season was over we moved our bees to different locations that were abundant with wildflowers. This way they could make Wildflower Honey, and get as much variety in their diet as possible. Originally we were going to leave it all for the bees, but they produced such an excess that it would have been impossible for them to keep their hives warm all winter with the extra boxes on top. So we had to harvest it. Don’t worry we still kept lots in the comb to feed to them in the spring too. We definitely didn’t expect them to do so well with the wildflowers, but are very grateful that they did.  


Our 2018 Wildflower Prices Are As Follows:

 75g Jar $4 (Sold Out)

700g Tub $15 (Sold Out) 

Cinnamon Honey.jpg

Cinnamon Fireweed Honey:


Our Cinnamon Fireweed Honey is a flavorful mix of certified Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, and Raw Fireweed honey. This honey is amazing in tea, hot water, on toast, or on a spoon. Cinnamon Honey is one of those rare foods that tastes good, and is good for you! It has long been used to aid in fighting the cold and flu, boosting the immune system, improving digestion, reducing arthritis pain, and many others. This blend is one of our favorites, and now we are happy to share it with you as well!  

Our 2018 Cinnamon Fireweed Honey Prices:

505g Jar $25

Bulk prices available for a case or more. Send us an email at beewhyld@gmail.com